Bianca and her yoga story Meet gorgeous Bianca I began my yoga journey at the age of 13, I practiced some Hatha and Vinyassa yoga on an irregular basis for six years before I stepped into my first Bikram Yoga class. At the time I thought that it would be just like any other yoga experience I’ve had. I was already relatively flexible and had a bit of background knowledge on some of the postures. Oh how wrong I was! This wasnt enough to save me from Bikram’s Torture chamber! None of it even mattered, all I could concentrate on was the heat! I felt like I was on fire, I had never sweat so much in my life, ’had someone just thrown me in the pool?!’ and to top it off ’Do I really look like this when doing yoga?!’ Nothing can prepare you for Bikram’s 90 minute torture chamber. The feelings I experienced after walking out of that room for the first time were not like any other post yoga experience i’d had. The heat no longer bothers me like it did that first time. I now practice 4-6 times per week and I still get that incredible feeling after each class. Even in the bad classes I struggle in. Satisfaction, discipline, peace of mind, eternal and external growth is what keeps me addicted, not to mention how amazing it is seeing what my body has and continues to achieve. It is such an amazing addiction to have. Loving my body and healing it with every class. There is a great confidence that comes from growing in your practice. That moment you first see your toes in bow, as messed up as it may look seeing your feet coming up from ya butt! Its a great achievement. You’ve worked your mind and body to connect together. Where you look is were you go. Really! Bikram for me is no longer an exercise its a whole lifestyle. It has given me what I need not what I want. From the food I eat to my sleep patterns and my lifestyle choices. What I learn on my yoga mat I apply to my life, my personality. Infact even while I am standing here typing this email I am standing in tree pose! I’ve had many great opportunities with this Bikram yoga journey. I competed for the second time last year. Coming fifth in this competition has brought me the opportunity to represent South Australia in Nationals in early February this year. Training for competitions has given me the chance to practice in the Bikram advance series (which I i LOOOVE) while facing some fears and learning even more about myself than I thought. Not to mention I have met some beautiful yogis who have been great inspirations. And yoga friends bend together, stay together! This year I also plan to further my passion for this yoga and head to Bikram’s Teacher Training. The idea of sharing this yoga is just too exciting. Being able to teach strong willed, courageous and challenge enthused individuals are the best sort of people to share this yoga gift with. I am forever grateful everyday for this yoga in so many ways. Namaste xx B Comments: 0 | comment | view
Andrew and his yoga story Most of you probably have met Andrew by now, our male teacher. Here is how he found Bikram yoga. Enjoy Ok this is my moment to chew your ears off... My first class, as I remember it: Had never done any yoga. At about Triangle, I started freaking out and ripped off my tshirt. At about Tree, I lay down in Savasana wondering WTF, yearning for my mother. I finally got up to join in final breathing. Then I walked out saying to myself, "Never again. Not for me." I was back 2 days later… When asked why I do Bikram, I still don’t know how to respond. Not because I’m lost for words: simply because most people don’t expect a 3 hour discussion. I’ll try keep this one short(ish). There 2 core concepts, learnt through my experiences with silent meditation, that I’ve decided are the keys to my own peace & happiness: impermanence, and egolessness. The first is something I want to constantly recognise. Everything in life is constantly moving, changing. Nothing is static (except maybe some of the pains i experience in the hot room!). The second is something I want to constantly strive towards: letting go of what i think and feel. I began to explore these concepts before I started practicing Bikram. When I came across this yoga, I was like, "SCORE!" What a great way to cultivate both. I remember the early days: it mattered to me where I put my mat in the room; it mattered to me how cold my water was; it mattered to me what time of day I practiced; it annoyed me when the guy next to me was breathing too hard (stealing my air); it annoyed me that the teacher made me do the 1st breathing exercise 13 times instead of 10, only gave me 12 second Savasanas, and made me hold Triangle for an extra 3 secs etc etc etc Then I started practicing regularly. Overtime, all that stuff stopped bothering me. What a beautiful daily reminder about how to live life the way I aspire to. So much stuff pops up in my head in that room, and I feel so many different things. Day after day, I finish class and RE-realise over and over again that none of it matters. No class is ever the same, no experience in the room needs to be quantified and analysed, and nobody can accurately explain why one class differs from the next. Sure, the hot room helps my strength, balance and flexibility. And yes, I’ve built up a high level of fitness in there. But above all this, the hot room teaches me over and over to let go of the stuff I think and feel. If I struggle with this, it teaches me to forgive myself for that. It teaches me self-love and self-respect. We need this stuff before we can offer it to others: you can’t give what you don’t have. We all know more people who would never set-foot in a hot yoga studio than people who would. I feel like somewhere in the course of history, somebody did something seriously right to ensure that I would fall in the latter group. And for this, I consider myself very, very fortunate. I’m humbled by this, I’m grateful for this. See you on your sweaty towels & mats. Oh yeah, let’s get more dudes in the room. Bring your dads, brothers, uncles: I need more allies… Peace Andrew — with Andrew S. Baldino. Comments: 0 | comment | view
Deb and her yoga story We are so super proud of Deb and all the positive changes she has made in her life. Here is Debra’s story...... I joined Bikram Yoga 6th January 2013. I was out of shape, due to lack of exercise and bad lifestyle. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I joined and remember thinking " my anxiety could flare up and I have anxiety attacks, my depression makes everything harder, low blood pressure and heat dont really mix and mild scoliosis how will i be as flexible????" I began bikram 4x a week along with a 12month detox just for me to help manage health issues better. I had a 20 year heavy weekend drinking habit which at 46 was starting to ruin my figure and cause havoc with health issues.. There were so many benefits of practicing that I kept at it, 4 times every week all year, even when I looked silly unflexible and so unfit next to other girls.... I had better sleep, glowing skin without makeup, less anxiety, less down days, body tone, stronger disciplined mind outside the room, for me 1.5cm increase in height, leaner muscle tone, peace and chilled self. I look forward to a healthier path for ME in 2014 and on, as I’ve finally got the whole mind body soul. 6th January 2014 marks one year I joined and this date is our next 30 day challenge so I’ve joined to raise the bar and start the year in a great way and get my breath under control. Thankyou to the wonderful girls I practice with, to the amazing teachers that have guided me every step of the way, (you are PT’s for the soul) and thankyou to me, for keeping at it, believing in myself and having the courage to TRY. The person in the mirror looking back at you can help you far more than you realize IF you just give her a go. — with Trev N Deb Bruce. Comments: 0 | comment | view
George and his yoga story My Yoga story must begin by explaining my background and in a way part of my beliefs. Throughout my life I have been involved in many different sports (soccer, basketball), extreme sports (aggressive inline skating, parkour, street acrobatics etc), and various martial arts. All of these disciplines teach their practitioners a particular philosophy of movement and energy. Through the practice of such disciplines one learns more and more about themselves and as such I have always considered myself as learning from the movements I was engaged in and I am very Socratic in the sense that I believe I will always be a student. "I know one thing: that I know nothing” Socrates When I first attempted to practice Yoga I joined a Hatha Yoga class on Saturdays at a local gym. However, even though there are great benefits in practising Hatha Yoga I grew tired of it because I didn’t feel like a was getting much out of it. As such I didn’t practice any type of Yoga for a very long time. I guess I believed that Yoga wasn’t the type of movement that I could benefit from. I look back now and actually disagree with myself; I think I would have probably been better at my practice now if I had stuck with it even if it was so slow and didn’t feel like I was working anything. Either way I gave it up. Years later when I lived in Montreal Canada my sister-in-law and my wife told me about a type of Yoga that is done in a heated room and that it was the hardest thing they had done and that I would find it hard to do. I think that little bit of reverse psychology they used on me worked great as I my competitive ego kicked back and I wanted to prove to them that I could do the class. My first exposure to a heated room was a type of Vinyasa/ power-flow yoga. I really enjoyed it, I would attend a class every Friday and did so for about five months prior to my return to Australia. After returning to Australia I needed to get back into Yoga as I was now hooked and was also battling a reoccurring lower back injury from my other high impact extreme sports. I had often heard of the original hot Yoga this Bikram Yoga but had never tried it. On my first attempt at the Bikram series I struggled a lot so much that I think I spent most of the 90mins on the floor in savasana. I was disappointed at myself so I went back again and again to fight the demon that was Bikram Yoga I think I did six of my seven day intro pass. Bikram Yoga wasn’t like the other types of Yoga I had done before I felt that it was so much harder; a real challenge for my body and my mind. Those 26 postures the same postures over and over I would have dreams of being in the hot room and the phrases that I would hear over and over were “lock your knee lock your knee” and “keep your eyes open; 90mins eye-open meditation” The truth is that I found the sequence to be harder than the daily exercise I had to do in my military training which is what I say to my male friends that attempt to make fun of me for doing Yoga.....if only they knew... Now when practising the Bikram Yoga series I try and listen to the advice our amazing teachers convey to us. As a student I am humble and grateful for any advice they offer me even if that advice was not directed at me I try and correct myself accordingly. It is amazing how sometimes the same words that one hears in a class and which are associated with a specific posture start making sense. The beauty of the 26 postures is that you can explore them in detail every time you step into that room. Every time there is a new perspective a new interpretation of the movement. I try and challenge myself more and more in each class; I have noticed that sometimes even moving around the room makes the class harder. Its all about getting out of the comfort zone challenging yourself. That’s why I find it essential to leave my ego outside of the hot room and try and listen to the teachers, the postures, and my body because every time I learn something more about my practice and essentially about myself. When I fall out of a balance I get back into it immediately or do I give up?? but its not about giving up I believe that when I am in that room I am not ashamed of lying in savasana for as long as I have to.. even if I cant do more than 2seconds of each posture I will stay in that room and I will fight...the journey continues. I have almost completed my first 30day challenge and have improved my endurance... (a bit less of my huffing and puffing) Well some classes are better than others but that is the thing with Bikram Yoga it is a mental challenge even more so than a physical challenge. If my mind is cloudy then I know the session will be hard, but as in life one shouldn’t back down because something seems hard and so I don’t; I walk into that room and try and put everything aside. Then, all of a sudden, the class is over and that amazing feeling of accomplishment resonates in me..and I can smile at myself and others.. It is important to mention that my experience of Bikram Yoga is also intertwined with my fellow students and their practice. We are all there we are all trying our hardest. I am so grateful for my fellow Yoginis and Yogis that practice with me. We all come together in the hot room and we all create an amazing energy. It is unbelievable to see how strong all of you is inspiring... I am grateful to be part of your community.. Namaste ("I bow to the divine in you") — with George Sarantoulias. Comments: 0 | comment | view
Child minding services


NOW Accepting Bookings for Childminding Services at Bikram Yoga Adelaide
We’ve listened to your requests and are EXCITED to share that Bikram Yoga Adelaide and nannySA have partnered together to address your need of an active BIKRAM life while having your children being looked after by PROFESSIONAL CHILDCARE educators.
We are NOW ACCEPTING bookings for CHILDMINDING SERVICES at Bikram Yoga Adelaide on Mondays 9:30, Wednesdays 9:30, and Fridays 9:30, commencing 2nd October. Please note that the next School Holidays commence Friday 27 September – Sunday, 13 October for State Schools.
Cost: $30 per child
The Cost Includes:
·         YOUR CHILDREN being cared for by nannySA’s EXPERIENCED TEAM who are covered under Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance, and hold annual criminal history checks, current Apply First Aid and Child Safe Environments certificates.
·         CHILDMINDING AVAILABLE half an hour BEFORE class commences and half an hour AFTER class has ended, providing you with time to ease in and out of class - without having to rush to retrieve your little treasures!
·         A VARIETY of age appropriate toys and activities, fun arts and crafts and games to keep your children busy and having fun throughout the duration of time will be supplied.
Benefits of attending Bikram Yoga on a regular basis will positively contribute to your overall health and wellbeing as well as a achieving a sense of connection, within yourself and with others.
Any specific questions relating to the care of the children can be directed to nannySA on 8462 0200. Further information on nannySA can be found by visiting
SPACES ARE LIMITED – BOOK NOW to avoid missing out!
Please email Amy to make a booking
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